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7 Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Today we’re talking about the shoulders. Now it might seem more intuitive for a man to train his shoulders because “men need and want strong arms,” right?Wrong! Everybody needs to strengthen their shoulders because, while the shoulder is extremely mobile, it’s also extremely unstable and ...

Fighting for Equality Through History

What are your barriers and how are you breaking them? Who inspires you to get up and keep going, to keep up the fight despite all the roadblocks for women in sports and in society?We want you to realize your true potential and get motivated to do great things.We’ve put together some tips below ...

What Foods Cause Stress? 6 You Should Avoid

A looming deadline at work. Your mother-in-law’s impending visit. Getting the kids’ science fair projects out of the way—the night before they’re due. No matter your current stage of life, it’s likely that you experience stress on a regular basis. And while some stress can be good­—inspiring you ...

How Runtastic Supports My Mental Health

Mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness have become popular buzzwords in recent times, with many people and companies using these words for Employer Branding and Marketing purposes, however many times there is not much behind it; we all know buzzwords are just words at the end of the day and a ...

6 Nutrition Myths: Get the Truth

Supplements are important to if you want to be healthy. If you eat in the evening, you’ll gain weight. And carbohydrates are the enemy. The Internet is full of information on various diet trends that – after close inspection – turn out to be completely incorrect. We’ve take a closer look at six ...

How to Build Muscle for Women: Get the Facts

Strength training hasn’t always been the most popular topic among women. Weight training was long considered something for men. Lucky for women, times change and muscle strength is no longer off-limits. In fact, understanding how to build muscle for women can help you prevent bone loss and ...

How to Start Working Out at Home (For Beginners)

When was the last time you did squats? High school PE class? Or maybe you tried strength training as part of a home workout plan a few months ago but lost your motivation? No matter how far you are now from your desired fitness level…Remember this:It just takes one second to decide you’re worth ...

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