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Health & Fitness

Start a Run Streak • Benefits of Running Every Day

By Emily Stewart, Abe Ankers, Tom Koscher Regular exercise has been proven to increase ...
Health & Fitness

Overcoming Plateaus in Sports Performance

Popular media is full of stories of people conquering challenges no matter what. New ...
Health & Fitness

Find flow, focus and feel good

Picture this: you’re out for a long run, earbuds in, listening to your favorite ...
Health & Fitness

Run For The Oceans 2022

Are you ready to Run For The Oceans? The movement to help end plastic waste through ...
Health & Fitness

When Will I Start to See Results?

It’s so important to set goals when pursuing a new workout regimen or training plan. ...
Health & Fitness

10 Foods To Avoid Before a Run

In an ideal world, every runner would have access to a banana, avocado with sea salt, ...
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