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Health & Fitness

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Plastic and Reduce Your Waste

Did you know that most plastic bags are used for an average of just 12 minutes before ...
Health & Fitness

Your Perfect Bedtime & Wake-up Time

The sleep calculator recommends when to go to sleep in order to wake up feeling ...
Health & Fitness

Types of Sports Injuries: Causes and Advice

Low side plank twists are a rotator cuff workout that strengthen shoulder stabilizer ...
Health & Fitness

Start a Run Streak • Benefits of Running Every Day

By Emily Stewart, Abe Ankers, Tom Koscher Regular exercise has been proven to increase ...
Health & Fitness

Overcoming Plateaus in Sports Performance

Popular media is full of stories of people conquering challenges no matter what. New ...
Health & Fitness

Find flow, focus and feel good

Picture this: you’re out for a long run, earbuds in, listening to your favorite ...
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