NexiGo 144Hz 17.3 Inch Portable Gaming Monitor, FHD IPS Computer Display, Dual Speakers Eye Care Screen with HDMI/Type C for Laptop PC/MAC/Surface/PS4/Xbox/Switch, Included Black Smart Cover


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Product Description


NexiGo Portable MonitorNexiGo Portable Monitor

The NexiGo 144HZ Portable Monitor – NOT Just Another Screen

In today’s world a single screen is just not enough. Whether you work from home or just want to enjoy all that your computer can do, you need additional screen real estate. The NexiGo portable monitor was created with this one thing in mind, ending that old single screen way of life. Is your smartphone too small to enjoy a video? Do you get eye strain with your old monitor while gaming? Do you constantly have to switch from window to window, trying to perform acrobatics with your points and clicks to get the thing to do what you want? All of this hassle stems from a singular issue: a one screen life.

The NexiGo portable monitor was designed to work with more of the digital devices you already have, and to do so all while providing a level of quality that will satisfy your demands both working and/or gaming. You can connect the NexiGo monitor to your: laptop, smartphone, MAC, PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. Nearly any device with an HDMI or a USB Type-C output can be connected to, so you can use it with almost anything!

3 in 1 Display Mode

When connected to a computer or laptop the NexiGo Portable Monitor offers a 3 in 1 display mode to suit different demands in various situations.

Duplicate Mode – Also called copy mode. In this mode the NexiGo Portable Monitor duplicates the screen on your PC or laptop. Commonly used in meetings to share the computer display with the group.

Extend Mode – Extend mode allows you to use the NexiGo Portable Monitor as a second display for your system, allowing you to do completely different things with each screen. Simply drag the page to the left or right on your PC or Laptop to move it to the second screen. Whatever you do; typing code, designing, photoshop, or even if you are just a regular computer user, the NexiGo USB Type-C monitor will greatly extend your vision and facilitate your work.

Second Screen Mode – Second screen mode allows you to use the NexiGo Portable Monitor as the primary monitor for the unit. Using this you can turn the primary monitor on the laptop or PC off, and use the NexiGo monitor as the only monitor on the system. This allows you to save power if your older primary monitor is power heavy, and also allows you to have a primary display with stunning Full HD resolution.

Advanced Features







See It from Any Angle

The IPS panel preserves color vividness and clarity across every inch of the screen. Even with a display this wide, tones and shades look completely accurate from virtually any angle, with no color washing. Sit anywhere and enjoy a full technicolor experience!

Clearer and Brighter

The monitor supports HDR technology with wide-range brightness and contrast, enabling dramatic visual immersion in the latest HDR games, movies and images.

Extra USB Port

Boasts an additional USB port, allowing for additional accessories to be plugged into the monitor. Even if you are using a phone to provide a signal to the monitor, you can hook up a mouse and keyboard through the monitor directly!

Wide Application









Entertainment while travelling


Screen Size 17.3 Inch Panel type IPS Aspect ratio 16:9/ 4:3 Resolution 1920*1080 Display color 16.7M Visual angle H:85°/85°Min V:85°/85°Min Contrast ratio 1000:1 Brightness 300cd/m² Color gamut 72% Refresh rate 144Hz Speaker Built-in Dual Speakers Input interface HDMI (Video signal), Type C full function (Data Transfer; Power supply), Type C power supply Output Interface 3.5 mm headphone interface System requirement Devices with an HDMI output interface, Computers with full Type C video output capability

What’s in the Box?

1x 17.3 Inch Portable Monitor;

1x HDMI to HDMI Cord;

1x Smart Cover (can be used as stand);

1x Type-C to Type-C Cord;

1x Type-C to Type-A Cord;

1x User Guide

Notes (PLEASE READ): 1. Please check if the USB Type-C port of your laptop is a full-featured Type-C port. If the Type-C port on your system is just for charging, it will not be usable.

2. If you plan to use this with a smartphone, please check if your phone has enough power output through the USB Type-C port or if it will require an adapter to support power. The system needs 5V/2A power input. This is fairly typical of most smartphone chargers but check the ratings first!

3. If you plan to use this with a laptop, please check if your laptop has a USB 3.0 or a USB Type C port. If not you will need to connect your laptop to the monitor via the HDMI port. Some computers have low power USB ports. If this is the case the monitor will not be able to pull enough power from the port and an external power supply will need to be used. See note 2.

Q1: Does it require any additional software or drivers to use the NexiGo monitor?

The NexiGo Portable Monitor does not require any additional software or drivers to use on any modern system. Just plug your device into the monitor using the USB Type-C or HDMI cable, and plug the monitor into the power if needed (some USB-C ports will provide power, power is not provided over HDMI), and you are ready to go!

Q2: Can I use it for PS3, PS4, Switch, or Xbox?

To use the NexiGo Portable Monitor with a Nintendo Switch you only need to plug it in using the USB Type-C port and this will provide both signal and power. With Playstation or Xbox systems you would need to connect to the HDMI port for the video output, and then you can plug into the USB 3.0 ports for power or plug into an external power supply.

Q3: How long does the battery last?

The NexiGo Portable Monitor does not have a built in battery to allow for additional flexibility when traveling. The monitor instead is able to pull power directly from the devices you are using (when using the USB Type-C connection) and as such can last as long as your devices can. This can also be extended through the use of a portable charger or an external power supply providing for truly unlimited usability.

Q4: My laptop or cellphone has a type-C port but it is not on your list of supported devices, would this monitor still work for me?

The NexiGo Portable Monitor has a wide range of devices it is compatible with, so many in fact that we simply cannot name them all. As such, to determine if your item would work with this monitor first determine if the item has a USB 3.0 port, a full featured USB Type-C port (not a USB Type-C port that is only for charging), or an HDMI port. If it has one of these three ports it definitely will work with the monitor, though you may need to provide external power.

Screen Size
15.6 Inch 15.6 Inch 17.3 inch 17.3 inch

Screen Resolution
3840 x 2160 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080

Color Gamut
100% SRGB (85% NTSC) 72% NTSC 72% NTSC 72% NTSC

300cd 300cd 300cd 400cd

Refresh rate
60Hz 144Hz 144Hz 300Hz

0.2 Inch – 0.39 Inch 0.2 Inch – 0.39 Inch 0.2 Inch – 0.39 Inch 0.2 Inch – 0.39 Inch

2.01 LB 1.61 LB 2.10 LB 2.13 LB

【Real Game Immersion】Boasting an astounding 1,000:1 contrast ratio 1080P IPS Panel, the NexiGo Portable Monitor delivers unparalleled rich, vivid detail. 100% sRGB color space coverage provides a deeper, more immersive experience.
【Smooth Playback】144Hz refresh rate combined with flicker-free technology offers flawlessly smooth video playback while minimizing image lag.
【Fast Track to Victory】The NexiGo Portable Monitor delivers a seamless, tear-free gaming experience with a ~4ms response time to further reduce ghosting and motion blur.
【Portable Design】The super-narrow frame with an ultra-light aluminum alloy body brings your virtual worlds to stunning life, anywhere you go.
【Wide Compatibility】Connect to anything that puts out a video signal via HDMI or USB Type-C. The NexiGo portable monitor is compatible with: Laptop / PC / Mac / Cameras / Playstation 5 / Switch / Xbox / Apple / Android / and more! An additional USB port allows you to connect a keyboard or mouse!

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NexiGo 144Hz 17.3 Inch Portable Gaming Monitor, FHD IPS Computer Display, Dual Speakers Eye Care Screen with HDMI/Type C for Laptop PC/MAC/Surface/PS4/Xbox/Switch, Included Black Smart Cover


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